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TFLA        TaskForce Light Aviation

There is no better one-liner to quote than “ NEVER WASTE A GOOD CRISIS ” to describe the origin of this TaskForce (working group).

1/ Origin and 1st file.
Following the COVID-19 / corona crisis, VVMV & FBA-BFL and BULMF, joint the initiative to establish a TFLA (Taskforce Light Aviation). In the first phase, only engine-driven aircraft were considered. Before the 1st
meeting took place a week later on April 25, 2020, the glider pilots and modellers were also invited. A week later on May 2, 2022, the TFLA meeting was fully represented by ALL light aviation/air sports representatives.
- Motor pilots with PPL, Helicopter aircraft; ULM motor flying;
- Paramotor kites;
- Glider pilots;
- Model kites;
- Balloonists;
- Free flight pilots;
- Paratroopers.

During just under 2 weeks of hard work, the restart protocols for all these aviation disciplines were written and submitted to the government and the safety committee. Successfully, in mid-May 2020 almost all
aviation activities are resumed under strict conditions that have been published in the Belgian Official Gazette and on the website of the Directorate General Aviation (DGLV). At the end of 2020, a new interruption of aviation activities will follow. This was during the winter months and aviation activities could be resumed before the start of spring. This time with relatively few restrictions and for the time being without further interruption. This unique collaboration between government, aviation administration and
users proved to be very successful. The restart protocols of light aviation have also served as a model for the Security Council and the government for many other sectors.

The intention is that this task force will always become active if problems / incidents or whatever arise that relate to the joint activities of all light aviation enthusiasts.


2/ Tax on the embarkation of an aircraft on March 28, 2022,  2nd file.
A second action point of the TFLA is the tax on the embarkation of an aircraft on March 28, 2022 where in some situations the passengers traveling with air sportsmen a tax  is demanded by the government.
After the publication in the Belgian Official Gazette of this tax on the embarkation of an aircraft, it soon became apparent that the government's fast paced work shows a lot of gaps for collecting the embarkation fees from light aviation practitioners. On 10 April 2022, the implementing decrees of the Federal Ministry of Finance were published.
Further actions against the levy of the embarkation for light aviation practitioners will be made.

The omerta of both the Federal Government and the Directorate General of Aviation
to answer our legitimate questions speaks volumes.

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